Manage CRM Teams Efficiently

You need an agile tool that can help make territory assignments easy and quick in Oracle CRM On Demand and Engagement Cloud (formerly Sales Cloud). Manually changing these parameters could take hours or days. Don’t waste time. Instead, use our simple CRM reassignment tool. Team Management capabilities are supported by CleanUpdate.

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10X Faster than Manual Updates

What makes the CRM reassignment tool unique is that you can add, remove, or replace team members. There’s no more exporting spreadsheets and then re-importing.

Update fields or reassign for any parent child record in the CRM. Plus, you can schedule the update for an off-peak time. Before saving any changes, review all and then click.


How Team Management Works

The tool helps Oracle CRM On Demand and Engagement Cloud administrators or users to initiate a seamless, quick reassignment of territories for sales staff. Without this tool to manage CRM teams, you’d need a custom application that would need to be adapted over every region. Team Management allows this once laborious effort to now be simple and fast. In addition to saving time, it’s also much more cost-effective.


Team Management Features

- Works on any object that supports teams
- Can be a scheduled or triggered process
- Tracks all edits made to all records by users
- Allows admins to download historical reports


Reassign Territories with Just a Click

With Team Management tools powered by CleanUpdate, you’ll enjoy quick updates to CRM teams. No more manual redistributing. Take action directly in your CRM with Team Management tools. Want to see it in action? Complete the form, and we’ll be in touch.

Manage CRM Teams